Taylor Swift's rocking singing voice in this cryptic song has been the perfect addition to 'The Hunger Games' soundtrack, but so far, we haven't seen the 'Eyes Open' and 'Safe & Sound' singer do much with the music she made for the movie (other than contribute to an awesome soundtrack, of course). Until now, that is. Swift just released a creative stop-motion lyric video of her hit song 'Eyes Open' -- and we can't get enough.

The entire video takes place at a desk. While that might sound boring, as pencils and papers move around displaying the handwritten (and sometimes colorfully decorated) lyrics to the song, the clip is anything but ordinary. Watching papers unfold and then crumble up to clutter the desk is kind of a magical experience.

Swift posted the creative new video on her Facebook page just Thursday (May 17), and within hours, it received more than 14,000 likes, 700 shares, and hundreds of supportive comments from fans.

The sweetheart singer contributed both 'Eyes Open' and 'Safe & Sound' (a team effort with the Civil Wars) to the star-studded soundtrack, and while we've seen the hauntingly beautiful video for 'Safe & Sound,' this is the first treatment that 'Eyes Open' has gotten.

The song was penned from the perspective of 'The Hunger Games' main character, Katniss. “It basically serves as a warning for her not to trust anyone — in many ways the opposite of ‘Safe & Sound,’” Swift explained.

The liner notes for 'The Hunger Games' soundtrack also feature Miranda Lambert and Pistol Annies, Punch Brothers, Kid Cudi, the Decemberists and a handful of other notable artists.

A lyric video doesn't sound very interesting, but this one is worth a watch. Trust us!

Watch the Taylor Swift 'Eyes Open' Lyric Video