At her show in Chicago last night, Taylor Swift continued her trend of covering a local artist when performing  in their fair cities. She chose to indulge her pop punk side with her take on Fall Out Boy's hit 'Sugar We're Goin' Down.' She prefaced her acoustic performance of the lovelorn song by saying, "I listened to this my freshman year of high school. Me and my friend Abigail used to drive around to it."

Can't you just picture a teenage Taylor Swift behind the wheel or riding shotgun, singing her lungs out to this youth anthem? We can picture those ringlets blowing in the wind as she drove with the windows down and crooned, 'I'll be your number one with a bullet!' or 'Drop a heart / Break a name."

Swift did justice to the beloved FOB song on Tuesday night, strapping on her trusty guitar and turning this much loved, mid-'00s, Warped Tour-approved pop punk anthem into a Taylor Swift-style bedside confessional. Swift's take on the song should make FOB's Pete Wentz proud. Hey, we hear he's single … maybe this cover could spark up a conversation between him and the also-unattached Swift? Just sayin'.

Once again, the multitalented Swift had the capacity crowd singing along with her to this teen friendly romantic number, belting out every word as if their lives depended on it. We're talking about the fans and Swift. Her crowds should be be christened "The Taylor Swift Choir" from this point of the tour forward.

Watch Taylor Swift Perform 'Sugar We're Goin' Down'