According to three thankful young fans, Taylor Swift helped save their lives.

On the night of May 22, Elizabeth Dazzio, her sister Caroline and a friend were driving home from Swift's Baton Rouge, La., concert when Elizabeth fell asleep at the wheel and crashed. With Elizabeth unconscious and the car totaled, her sister and friend realized they were trapped.

"You could smell the gas and smoke," Caroline tells local news station WBRZ. "I was just thinking, 'We need to get out of this car."

Two of the girls' three phones were dead, and they couldn't find the third in the confusion. Thinking quickly, they remembered that they were still wearing the light-up bracelets from Swift's show, programmed to flash along with the music during the concert.

Waving the bracelets frantically, a car passing by on the dark highway eventually stopped, and the driver helped the girls out of the wrecked vehicle. "She could tell that there was someone in the car," Caroline explains of the woman who came to their rescue.

Elizabeth, who was driving, was admitted to the hospital, but WBRZ reports she is expected to be released soon.

When news got back to Swift about the accident and how her flashing bracelets saved the day, she was understandably shocked — and grateful that the incident didn't turn out worse.

"This is unreal," she wrote on Twitter, including a link to the girls' story. "I'm so happy they're okay." The tweet has been favorited over 25,000 times and re-tweeted more tahn 11,000 times.

Swift's 1989 tour continues this weekend (May 30) in Detroit.

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