reports that a man who shares his first name with country superstar Taylor Swift also has the misfortune of having an email address that is eerily similar to Swift's personal email handle, and that he is besieged with messages meant for the singer. He receives several emails per day from excited Swift fans who are proud of themselves for "unearthing" her email addy and having the opportunity to speak to her personally -- or so they think.

A friend of the "other" Taylor created a Tumblr account titled "OMG IS THIS TAYLOR SWIFT?" where he posts some of the most, um, unique messages meant for Swift. The "other" Taylor has had this email handle since 2006, before Swift began cresting to mega fame, so it's not like he was asking for this headache.

The emails range from innocuous ("I have a demo, will you listen?") to creepy ("You are supposed to be my wife") to the obvious ("We can't get floor tickets") to innappropriate and stupid ("I am horny" on a green Valentine's heart.)

If you've got five minutes to kill on the internet today, go here to read some of the emails that fans have both the courage and the audacity to send to who they think is actually Swift. Some are downright crazy, while others are sweet declarations of love. It's like peeking into someone's diary, since many of the messages are private and meant to be shared only with Swift.

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