Taylor Swift
loves her fans. Come on, you know you can picture the country superstar folding her hands into her signature heart shape to show her adoration. The singer recently chatted with WYCD and expressed her deep, sincere appreciation for the fans who helped her sell 20 million copies of her albums at the tender age of 21! She knows the fans are her lifeblood, and she didn’t forget to thank 'em.

"That’s absolutely insane," Swift said about the fact that she has reached a massive career milestone at such an early age. "I can't really comprehend the fact that that is happening. The fans have been so amazing. A record can sell 20 copies or 20 million copies, but the fans are the ones who decide that. They have been so nice to me and I love them. I am so happy we are going on tour to go say 'hi' to them."

Swift also expressed joy at amassing six million Twitter followers, who no doubt enjoyed the photos she Tweeted of herself at a Dashboard Confessional show last week.

Swift is also expanding her career, appearing in another film. She starred in a bit part in 'Valentine's Day' and will lend her voice to a Doctor Seuss project called 'The Lorax.'

"It's a well-written movie and I am stoked about being involved," Swift said. She also acknowledged that doing a film that's a voiceover is convenient, since "you fit it in schedule whenever you can!" Swift would not give us a taste of her character's voice during this interview, though. That’s OK. We'll hear it when the film hits the multiplex.