When Taylor Swift gave TVNZ host Tim Wilson a tour of her T-Party room for his New Zealand news show, he didn't just get a look into Swift's internal backstage sanctuary. He got an insight into her mind. While sitting with Swift in the cozy room, which is decorated with stuffed animals, photos of the singer with her idols and plenty of amenities, Wilson asked an awkward question. He got a detailed answer from the singer, who looked more than a little stumped at his phrasing.

Wilson asked if she ever worries if she'll becoming a "raving egomaniac." Swift was taken aback for a second, but rebounded nicely and in a surprisingly revelatory way. Swift said she doesn't have "that particular worry," but she said she worries about everything else.

"I worry about everything else you could imagine, like anything else," she said. The "anything else" includes things "like the building will catch on fire, or someone I love will get hurt, or that the pyro won't go off, or I'll never write a good song again. Literally, everything else!" Those are genuine worries for someone in Swift's position.

We don't often see that side of this confident star, but it was refreshing to see that Swift is real, with real fears, insecurities and anxieties, just like her dedicated legion of fans.