A group of fraternity brothers in Kentucky probably never imagined the response they would get when they created a lip dub video to Taylor Swift's ultra-catchy new hit, 'Shake It Off.'

The brothers of Delta Sigma Phi Beta Mu fraternity at Transylvania University filmed the video at their frat house. The clip starts off with an apparently hungover frat boy waking up and reaching for something to help his head, then moves out into the hallway of the dorm, where the brothers take turns singing the song as they wander in and out of other rooms.

As the video progresses, more and more fraternity brothers sing and dance to the tune, ending up with a huge cast of guys in the hallway, busting out some hilarious dance moves.

The clip seems like it's intended in the spirit of Swift's original video for the song, in which she makes fun of her own dancing. It quickly went viral, and came to the attention of Swift herself.

She responded by posting this to Twitter:

See, it just goes to show you -- the old adage "Dance like nobody's watching" still holds true, even in the age of social media.

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