Being a part of Taylor Swift’s crew is the ultimate in #FriendGoals, as model Martha Hunt knows, but she says it’s the country-turned-pop idol's genuine, fun personality and kindness that makes her such an irresistible friend-magnet.

"She has such an infectious personality," Hunt tells People of why so many are drawn to Swift. "Everyone just wants to be around her at all times. She really brings out the best in everybody."

Swift often documents her hangs with other famous faces via Instagram, and the Fourth of July was no different. According to Hunt, the posse had a lot of fun hanging out at the pool together over the holiday weekend, getting to know each other.

"They're all such great people, like there wasn't one bad apple," she explains. "Everyone got along."

Hunt played "Homeslice" in Swift’s video for her latest single “Bad Blood,” which starred more than a handful of starlets. It also featured a remix with rapper Kendrick Lamar, which has given Swift even more longevity with the tune — her third single from 1989 to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Swift made history recently by taking a stand against Apple in light of its new music streaming service and its decision to not pay artists during the free three-month trial period every member gets. Her open letter on Tumblr explaining why she’d withheld her record 1989 from the service had Apple changing its tune less than 24 hours later after artists and fans alike came together to support her sentiment.

The international superstar is currently on her world tour in support of 1989, and she's adding new friends to her crew along the way. Who'll be next?

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