Bluewater Productions will release a special edition of its best-selling ‘Fame: Taylor Swift’ graphic novel this May, according to MTV. The spiffy new edition will balloon by nearly 40 pages and include the comic’s original story along with bonus content, expanded artwork and a new cover. It will be available en masse in book stores and will retail for $7.99. Wal-Mart may eventually sell the special edition, as well.

The comic's cover boasts an illustrated and angelic-looking Swift kneeling in the grass in a wooded area, sporting a form-fitting blue mini-dress with flowers tucked into her cascade of signature blonde ringlets.  She has fashioned both her hands into the shape of a heart, another Swift hallmark move. The storyline, penned by CW Cook and Patrick McCormack, is biographical, tracing Swift's life from her early, formative years through her thrill ride-like ascent into the music business stratosphere.

The original version sold out during the initial run and the new, super-sized edition offers more for collectors and Swift fans to enjoy. The ‘Fame’ titles examine celebrity culture and how the objects of fame deal with life in the public eye. Swift's fellow pop star Justin Bieber is also the subject of a 'Fame' title and is also getting the reissue treatment this year.