Zoe Meier, a young Taylor Swift fan, is battling cancer -- but this past holiday season, the fourth grader had a dream come true, thanks to the singer. The country star heard about the 10-year-old girl's story, so she sent an autographed guitar to her home in Glenview, Ill.

According to the Glenview Patch, the guitar was a surprise that showed up at the Meier house last December. The little girl's dad has a friend who knew Swift's manager, and he was able to get word to the 'Back To December' singer.

Meier was diagnosed with a brain tumor before she was a 1-year-old, and she has since had multiple surgeries and chemotherapy. Recent treatment is helping to make the tumor finally go away, giving the child back her dreams.

Her mom says her daughter hopes to either become a dancer or a dolphin trainer at the Brookfield Zoo, adding, "I really have hopes that she will reach her dreams and not feel that there are impediments and things holding her down."

Meier has written a thank you note to her favorite country performer, complete with a few treats to send her. It may be a while before she gets that, though, as Swift is wrapping up the Asian leg of her world tour and will not be back in the States until March. She recently tweeted, "I can't believe we're about to play our last show on the Asian tour -- Oh, and Hong Kong, I'm pretty much in love with your city."