As it turns out, Taylor Swift and buddies Este, Danielle and Alana Haim (who together form the band Haim) rock out to old country-pop hits in the car just like the rest of us.

The quartet serenaded the internet with their lively singalong version of Faith Hill’s ‘This Kiss’ via Swift’s social media this week. Swift leads the way, belting into a Gatorade bottle as the sisters jam along with passionate enthusiasm as they ride in the backseat of a car, the beach outside Swift's window.

In a fun twist that could only happen via Twitter, Hill even responded to the video with her seal of approval:

Swift launched her career with a song titled with Hill’s husband Tim McGraw's name, and it’s fun to see that years later the two crossover stars are still connecting in unique ways.

Haim is on tour with Swift starting this summer for many of Swift’s 1989 world tour dates, which include a stop in the former country superstar's beloved Nashville. The four women were fast friends, according to Alana, who has said the sisters first bonded with Swift over dinner one night, hanging out and laughing together for hours.

Hill recently released a Grammy-nominated duet with husband McGraw, ‘Meanwhile Back at Mamas,’ and made a stunning red carpet appearance at the Oscars. She’s active on social media, sharing fun Throwback Thursday photos on her Twitter and Facebook pages — that is, when she's not cheering on Swift and her pals from afar.

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