Even before she wrote the lead single and another cut for 'The Hunger Games' soundtrack, Taylor Swift was already a huge fan of the books. The starlet said in a recent interview, “I fell in love with the book, fell in love with the themes running through it, [and] fell in love with Katniss (the lead protagonist in the story).” So we're guessing she was pretty ecstatic about receiving a copy of the book with a personal message scrawled in it from none other than author Suzanne Collins.

Hitting Instagram with a photo of the inscribed page, Swift wrote, "This just came in the mail. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)” Yeah, if we're judging excitement points on exclamation points here, the 'Safe & Sound' singer was pretty elated. Written on the title page of the post-apocalyptic book is a thank you note from Collins that reads in a pretty cursive, "For Taylor, with much thanks for your beautiful songs. Let the Games begin! Love, Suzanne Collins."

Swift wrote the frontrunning single 'Safe & Sound' with vintage duo the Civil Wars, and she also debuted the self-penned tune 'Eyes Open' on the soundtrack, which released last week just a couple of days before the film premiere. With the film earning $155 million in its first weekend alone, Swift is estimated to have a profit of somewhere in the ballpark of $400,000 heading her way in royalty checks for her work on the soundtrack. That's no big surprise -- 'The Hunger Games' soundtrack is already sitting pretty as the top album on Billboard.

Perhaps Swift can reread 'The Hunger Games' by taking her new autographed copy on the flight to Las Vegas. This weekend she'll be joining the rest of the famed country world out in Vegas for the 47th Annual ACM Awards, where she's up for three awards, including the prestigious Female Vocalist of the Year. The Academy also announced this week that Swift will be one of the presenters at this weekend's ceremony, along with Lionel Richie and others.

But first, Swift is due to stop in at the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards, where she'll be handed an especially 'big' honor from First Lady Michelle Obama.