In a new parody of her song 'Shake It Off,' Taylor Swift bakes it off for a good cause. The superstar hilariously competes with 'Naked Chef' Jamie Oliver in a baking competition for cancer awareness.

The funny video shows Swift in her other element -- the kitchen. She's joined by Oliver, and although it seems like the two are being very competitive, it is all in good fun. Before the competition begins, the 'Shake It Off' singer just can't seem to get Oliver's name right: "Jimmy." "Jeremy." He can't believe she hasn't heard of him ... the Naked Chef!

"I'm not doing this if you're gonna do this naked," she says without cracking a smile. "I don't want you to be naked, ever."

When they start getting down to business, the video's bright colors kick in and Swift puts her game face on. Oliver starts sings about being the "king" with the beat of Swift's new pop hit.

"Those aren't the words at all," Swift says, looking visibly perturbed.

Oliver continues while Swift plugs her ears. She has reason to get even more annoyed with the Naked Chef when he reaches across and grabs something from her side of the cooking space.

"We don't cheat," she tells him, "This is a serious competition."

Finally, Oliver manages to crack the pop singer, and she joins him in a silly kitchen dance. She hops like a bunny, points her fingers and wiggles around, saying, "this is much more fun!"

Fun? Yes ... but also serious. Swift finishes the competition in a way you'll have to see to believe. Let's just say she took the cake in this bake off.

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