Taylor Swift hit Memphis, Tenn. the other night, and there is no shortage of viable artists she could have covered from the region when continuing her tour tradition of singing songs by locals. She shook things up a little and picked Justin Timberlake and his soulful, sexy R&B jam 'Cry Me a River.' Swift put her personal stamp on the song, slowing it down and employing her own version of the falsetto. It almost sounds like an entirely different song -- in a good way, of course.

It's hard to believe the original tune was released almost 10 years ago. It hit airwaves in December 2002 and eventually went on to win Timberlake a Grammy, but it still sounds oven fresh, especially when handled by a talent like Swift.

While strumming her acoustic guitar, Swift really shone the spotlight on the sad lyrical content of the song, which is often overshadowed by its danceable nature. Her version is not teeming with sexual tension like Timberlake's original; instead, there is a haunting sadness in the way she sings it.

Timberlake, who has been focusing on acting over the past few years, would likely be proud of how Swift interpreted one of his biggest solo hits. She's bringing subtle back!

Listen to Taylor Swift Perform Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me a River'