It's been six years since Kanye West famously interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, and at the 2015 Grammy Awards Sunday night, the pair met again. And it seems to have gone well?!

Let's reminisce for a moment: the year is 2009, and both Swift and West are at the MTV VMA Awards. Swift wins the award for Best Female Video, and West is not happy. You see, he's a really big Beyonce fan, and he felt like Queen Bey should have nabbed the award. So when Swift was announced, Ye rushed the stage and interrupted her speech, effectively scarring her for life. Or at least for six years or so.

Apparently West hasn't grown up, because at the 2015 Grammys, he attempted yet another stage-bomb when Beck was announced as the Album of the Year winner -- an award Beyonce was also nominated for. Following the show, West went on somewhat of a rant, making it clear that he wasn't joking.

But as far as Taylor Swift is concerned, the past is the past! She and West happily (or so it seems) posed for photos together, smiling, laughing and even shaking hands. Have they put the 'Bad Blood' behind them? Does this mean they're basically best friends now? Check out the gallery above and decide for yourself.

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