What does Taylor Swift have up her sleeve? That's the question her fans (and critics) are wondering this week as they prepare for the worldwide streaming event on August 18. She's expected to announce something big, but what could it be?

Taste of Country brainstormed five possibilities and ranked them in order of most to least likely. Remember, Swift did something very similar two years ago prior to releasing her 'Red' album -- could the same pattern lead to her sixth studio album? Or is she about to drop an even more explosive bomb on fans and foes?

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    A New Album / Single / Tour

    This is the most likely scenario. If you’re having deja vu, there’s a reason -- Swift did almost the same thing in August 2012 before revealing ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ and her ‘Red’ album. That announcement was made in front of fans via a streaming event, and she even performed! An August single would lead to an October or November album. Both are prime shopping months. And if history holds true, this would mean a 2015 tour.

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    Album / Single / Tour Names

    What she’s calling the trilogy might be kept secret for a later date. Some of the hot rumors are ‘Polaroid,’ Skyline’ and ‘Shake It Off.’ We’re also hearing the album could be released on October 13, but that’s little more than rumor. It’s a Monday (albums are usually, but not always, released on Tuesday), but it is a "13" -- Swift’s favorite number.

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    If She's Pop or Country

    This isn't intended as a slight toward one of country's most successful artists of all time, but her pure country fans need a little love. Or, they at least need to know that she's taking a sabbatical from country music to chase new inspirations and ideas. That's fine -- Faith Hill did it successfully in the early '00s before making a country comeback several years later. The murky middle is confusing, leaving fans of both styles unsure if they'll like the new project in its entirety.

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    She’s Adopted Another Kitten

    Meredith and Olivia Benson may need a new playmate, especially if Ms. Swiftie is going to be on the road. And let’s be honest about who’s in charge in the Swift household ... the cats rule with an iron paw.

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    She’s Getting Married

    Who would ever see this coming? Swift hasn’t been rumored to be dating anyone for months, so this would be a huge shock! OK, it’s unlikely. In fact, Swift announcing a trip to the moon may be more likely. She'd no doubt find a classier way to announce her nuptials, and a secret this big would surely have leaked.