In Taylor Swift's 2008 single 'Love Story,' the singer reminisces about her "Romeo" throwing pebbles at her house to catch her attention. Well, one big fan has one-upped him: He's set up his own house, covered in holiday decorations, as a spectacular light show in honor of Swift.

The fan, a guy named Alex (@wannnacruise on Twitter), has been sending around a video of his flashing Christmas lights synced with 'Love Story.'

"As most of you probably know by now, I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan. I just love her," Alex says in the video.

"I think she's amazing, and I kinda wanted to do something for Christmas," he adds. "So I synced all my Christmas lights up to 'Love Story' because I thought it would be really cool."

"So, Taylor, if you're watching this, send me a message and let me know what you think," he says before the music kicks in and the camera focuses on the carefully timed window displays, roof trimmings, and lit up candy canes and wreaths.

Here's to hoping the festive tribute finds its way to Swift, who's sure to get a kick out of it.