Whomever thought of pairing Taylor Swift's super upbeat hit 'Shake It Off' with reflective, angst-filled modern dancers is a genius, because it's hilarious.

"This modern dance segment is all about angst, extreme angst," Swift says in a fun outtakes clip. "We're doing the kind of modern dance where it's flexed foot, extreme tension. It's just so fun to dance like that to a song like that that's all about gleeful happiness."

Unlike the peppy cheerleading outfit or ethereal ballet costume, the modern dance segment has Swift and her dancers sporting somber gray pieces -- a stark contrast to the catchy beat of the song.

She and her team focused on a deep, searching, anguish-filled interpretation, but as always, the superstar dances to the beat of her own drum ... and it's pretty funny. From her reaction to some of the dancer's moves, to dancing with fabric, she knows how to make fans -- and even the director -- laugh.

"It's the funniest thing ever," Swift says, laughing, "There are two dancers from my tour in this and seeing them do this style of dance is the most hilarious thing."

Included in the 'Shake It Off' outtakes video are interviews with a couple of Swift's dancers, her reaction in watching the progress and lots more. Swift's new pop album '1989' streets Oct. 27.

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