Like many country stars and fans across the world, Taylor Swift took the passing of Apple founder Steve Jobs personally. Late Wednesday night, the star took to her Twitter page to express her feelings of sorrow.

"I never met Steve Jobs, but I always wanted to. What a tragic loss. I can't believe it. About to call my family and tell them I love them," Swift tweeted.

The singer certainly has plenty to be grateful to Jobs for, as he's the reason iTunes exists. Since her first hit, 2006's 'Tim McGraw,' Swift has always relied on digital distribution to get music to her fans. No artist in country music has been downloaded more frequently, and her song 'Love Story' recently ranked in the Top 10 of all-time downloaded songs.

Like many fans, the early passing of such an innovator is clearly causing Swift to take a step back and appreciate everyone and everything she has in her life. Mourners gathered across the country and in England to honor Jobs with candlelight vigils and prayer circles.

Last night, Swift played a show in New Orleans, La. She has a few nights off before heading to Dallas, Texas on Saturday.