When in St. Louis, do as St. Louis-ers do! On a recent St. Louis tour stop, Taylor Swift once again indulged in a regional cover, to the delight of her adoring fans. She went all hip-hop, covering Nelly's 'Just a Dream' and giving it that acoustic flavor she is known for. When she changes into her purple dress and grabs her acoustic guitar, fans know by now that it's cover time. We have grown increasingly impressed at how deftly Swift can handle all genres thanks to these covers, namely hip-hop. There is nothing that our girl Taylor Swift cannot do.

While Swift has a contract with CoverGirl, appearing as the spokesmodel in the cosmetic line's print ads, she is literally a "cover girl" on her Speak Now Tour. She has been performing crowd-pleasing covers every night, reflecting local culture. You know, Bon Jovi in New Jersey. Pink in Philadelphia. Fall Out Boy in Chicago. The list goes on and on, and Swift now has her fans wondering which local artist she will tackle during each night's show. Let's hope she continues this segment on future tours, since it's become a moment her fans look forward to.

Nelly is known for his lite hip-hop/R&B tunes, and 'Just a Dream' was another massive pop radio hit for the artist. It appeared on his 2010 release '5.0,' and it was a chance for Nelly to show his sensitive side. Swift gave it a girlish, acoustic makeover, all the while sticking to the spirit of the original. It makes us think that Swift and Nelly might do some serious damage if they ever collaborated in the studio.

Watch Taylor Swift Cover Nelly's 'Just a Dream'

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