According to Hollywood plastic surgeons Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Toby Mayer, the most sought after looks of the rich and famous include Taylor Swift's hair, so say their current and former patients.

Their annual survey, also says that Swift's supposed ex, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, has among the best eyes of Hollywood's men, while Keith Urban is married to the woman that patients say has one of Hollywood's most perfect noses, Nicole Kidman.

Oscar winner and country music newcomer Gwyneth Paltrow has the skin most cosmetic surgery patients dream of, and 'American Idol' judge Jennifer Lopez has one of Tinsel Town's most sought after chins.

These features of the stars are what people ask for when having plastic surgery so that they can achieve what they think of as the 'perfect' look. Fleming says, "There are common features you find year to year, but these names are more a commentary about pop culture -- whose face is in your face this year."

The complete desirable body parts list can be seen here.