High School: Aaron Academy in Hendersonville, Tenn. (Go Royals!)

Hot Country Love Song of 2008: 'She's Everything' by Brad Paisley

Hot Country Dance Song of 2008: 'Our Song' by Taylor Swift

The specifics of where Taylor Swift went to prom are a little vague, as she attended Aaron Academy for her final two years of high school so that she could be home schooled while touring. There are multiple pictures of her in formal gowns, but this dress was her senior prom gown. She'd later donate it to DonateMyDress.org saying, "I want another girl somewhere to feel good in it and have a great prom night because of this dress" (quote via People).

Below is the full picture, which shows Swift and bestie Abigail playing around before the dance. There's another from an unspecified dance, to which she was escorted by a boy her age.