How important is retailer Target to Taylor Swift? Well, the country superstar just wrote a song for the company's semi-annual sales meeting. Swift performed the song on Wednesday at the meeting in Minneapolis, Minn. We're pretty sure it won't end up on a future Swift album, however -- not even one exclusive to the department store chain.

The song, called 'Red Shirt Khaki Pants,' was performed to the melody of Phoebe's 'Smelly Cat' from the '90s TV show 'Friends.' "You sell lots of things, from food to Spanx / You also sell albums, and I wanna say thanks / Red shirt khaki pants," Swift -- a big fan of 'Friends' -- sang to the delight of the live audience. Of course, even the 21-year-old would admit the tune isn't amongst her greatest hits.

"You have lots of departments like clothing for men / You also sold my albums, and you've sold lots of them," she added before getting the audience at the Target Center to join in on the chorus. Swift wasn't the only superstar to show up at Wednesday's meeting. Oprah, Beyonce, James Taylor and Tony Bennett were amongst the other A-listers to make appearances.

Watch Taylor Swift Perform 'Red Shirt Khaki Pants' at the Target Meeting