Taylor Swift may be known for her innocent charm and starry-eyed fan club, but the sweet country starlet doesn't shy away from other, perhaps more gritty, genres of music. These newly released video clips from VH1's 'T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle' show Taylor Swift meeting up with rapper T.I. the day of her Atlanta, Ga. concert, where she invited him to join her onstage for a cover of his song 'Live Your Life.'
T.I., who was just two days out of prison for drug charges and violation of parole when Swift invited him on board, seems continually surprised by Swift's choice of a duet partner, saying, "Thank you for having us, though. We really do appreciate it." In this clip, Swift gives the rapper a warm welcome and walks him around her stage, showing him where he can come out and walk down for the duet, emphasizing repeatedly how excited she is to have him join her.


"You can walk up here, and they'll just be like losing it because you're here," she tells him. "This is so huge that you came out here."

In a clip of T.I. just talking into the camera, he seems overwhelmed with genuine thankfulness and surprised to be invited onstage with such a young talent.

"As a dinosaur in this industry, to have the leader of such a young audience call me and consider me to even come out there -- that was flattering," he says.

In the second clip from the show, also featured here, Swift surprises her audience by jumping into the song 'Live Your Life' and then introducing T.I., who emerges from the top of the stage to offer up the rap parts. Swift provides the more melodic background vocals, and as they walk offstage together,  Swift can be heard in her butterflies-in-the-stomach tone gushing to T.I.: "Listen how loud that is. They are freaking out! Thank you so much!"

Catch this whole episode of 'T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hussle' on Monday, Dec. 12 at 9PM ET.

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