The video for Taylor Swift's 'Ours' will premiere tomorrow night, Dec. 2. E! has announced they'll debut the official clip of the song that's Swift's latest single, which she also performed at November's CMA Awards, at 7PM ET.

While that CMAs performance featured the singer cozied up on the couch, wearing a purple sweater and holding her guitar, the above picture promoting the music video seems to indicated a more melancholy presentation. Everything about this scene seems cold, from the steel bed posts and concrete colored walls to the lonely look in the 21-year-old's gaze.

'Ours' is Swift's new single and was included only on the bonus edition of her 2010 album 'Speak Now,' although it was recently released to iTunes. The song is about a love that she holds dearly, despite criticism from others like her father. Last month Swift mentioned that she had finished shooting the video, and one of the actor's involved revealed that he's giving her the "gas face" in an elevator scene.