Taylor Swift is ever the trendsetter, making her young girl fans seek out her every day look. While the 'Mean' singer's dresses may be out of reach for many people's pocketbooks, her stylish hairdos are not. Today, all eyes are on Swift's braided bun, and you can learn how to get the look right here.

Thanks to Glamour, who pinned down just how to do Taylor Swift's twisty, braided updo on your own, we can all borrow the singer's salon hairstyle with ease right at home. It may look intricate, but this fashionable 'do is actually pretty easy.

First, you'll need a full head of hair, so sorry, guys -- most of you are probably out. You'll want to start with curls to add body, so break out those curling irons before you bobby pin your crown. Then, it's a matter of braiding and twisting in different places. Lots of different places. To make things simple, we'd recommend checking out the Glamour Beauty Blog for the exact step-by-step photo instructions on how to get the perfect look a la Taylor Swift.

If you follow along closely -- and remember to breathe -- you should end up with an intentionally messy and in style look like the one Miss Swift is sporting above at the launch of her Wonderstruck perfume in New York City.

What do you think of Taylor's updo? Would you rock this look? Let us know in the comments section below!