Two members on Blake Shelton's 'The Voice' team battled it out on Monday night's (Oct. 20) episode, singing Linda Rondstadt's 'You're No Good' and wowing Coach Shelton as well as Little Big Town.

Bree Fondacaro vs. Taylor Brashears was a matchup Shelton knew would be phenomenal. The lucky duo also had the benefit of LBT coaching them before the battle, and the foursome seemed impressed. Shelton said he picked this song because it crosses genres.

“Taylor can sing so high, it blows your mind," Shelton explained, adding that she could benefit from learning more about breathing.

"This could be a showstopper," Karen Fairchild of LBT told Shelton of the powerhouse matchup, to which the country coach responded: "Crap. I shouldn’t have paired y’all together."

When it was time for the performance, Fondacaro walked out onto the stage oozing confidence, while her counterpart, Brashears, looked a little nervous. In the video above, the two start out singing together, intently looking into each other's eyes in the dim light of the stage before dancing to the song's beat, their voices complementing one another.

The coaches seem impressed by the end of the performance, but Pharrell Williams told Fondacaro he wanted her to "lose herself" more in the music, complimenting Brashears' confidence and adding he would pick her in the end. Stefani, on the other hand, wasn't fully happy with either performance, because she says she loves the song much and they changed it from what it should be. Levine mentioned that Fondacaro sounded more like she was singing in her bedroom, calling a boy "no good" while Brashears was singing it directly to the guy.

Shelton complimented both of his teammates, saying "Taylor gets lost in the song" while Fondacaro instead gets lost in the performance. He concluded: "It’s what I just saw happen and because of that moving forward … the winner of this battle is Taylor."

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