Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles seems very happy in a sticky predicament, singing joyful lyrics about being 'Stuck Like Glue' with her lover on the peppy first single from the band's 2010 album 'The Incredible Machine.' While the video for the song portrays Nettles as the comically exaggerated stalker / kidnapper of her intended boyfriend, in reality the lyrics sing the praises of a partner who seems able to constantly kindle a romantic mood even after a big fight.

Over some vocal beat-boxing and a jaunty acoustic guitar from her musical teammate Kristian Bush, Nettles sings in the verses about the fights and complacency that can threaten a romance:

"Some days I don't feel like trying / Some days you know I wanna just give up / When it doesn't matter who's right / Fight about it all night / Had enough."

But hey, what do you know, just when she's about to throw in the towel, her special fella gives her some look that makes the whole thing seem shiny and new all over again. Cue the chorus:

"There you go making my heart beat again / There you go making me feel like a little kid / Won't you do it and do it one time / There you go pulling me right back in / And I know I'm never letting this go."

The cycle repeats itself a couple more times, leaving us, as armchair psychologists, to conclude that this song documents a generally healthy relationship.  Enjoy the ups and downs, lovebirds!

Watch the Sugarland 'Stuck Like Glue' Video