Taylor Swift is the reigning ACM and CMA Entertainer of the Year, and she's gained a new level of autonomy and respect after writing every word and line of music for her 2010 record, 'Speak Now.' A storyteller by nature, Swift has proven that a well-written song can stand on its own, with or without the original artist singing it.

To attest to this fact, rock outfit the All-American Rejects put their power pop edge on Swift's single 'Mean,' tailoring it to their sound and giving a convincing performance of the sweet songstress' hit. At the beginning, a Swift fan may not have even recognized the song until it swelled into the catchy chorus. The Rejects brought a more ramped-up show than the previous performances, with more colorful and active lighting and movement all over the stage.

Swift sat at her table and sang along to every word, even when the group transitioned into their own hit 'Gives You Hell.' The country starlet knew every word to that single as well, singing along and rocking out from her table. With guitar solos and an obvious energy, the Rejects seemed to be enjoying the challenge to take on a song entirely different from their own. When they finished, Swift and her friends gave them a standing ovation.

The 'Mean' singer is currently in the process of writing another record for next year, and she says she's been writing every night. She's been stunning her audiences on the 'Speak Now' World Tour by inviting guest performers on the stage with her, like rappers T.I. and Nicki Minaj and others from outside the country realm. Again, that's just what makes Swift so appealing -- she's not afraid to explore other genres, and her songs translate nicely as well.

Watch the All-American Rejects Perform Taylor Swift's 'Mean' / 'Gives You Hell'