The Band Perry recently called into K-FROG while waiting to catch a flight at the Dallas airport, with lots of travelers staring at them! While travel is hectic for both the common man (and woman) as well as celebrities, Kimberly Perry was quick to point out that she doesn't mind being recognized by fans or being asked for a photo opp.

"I don't really like to wear makeup, like when I am home or traveling," Kimberly admitted. "I like to just throw on a hat and just go au natural, if you will, at least when it's referring to makeup. Now people want to take pictures and stuff at airports. This is awesome. We worked a long time for that to happen. So now we all have to get prettified before we even travel."

Kimberly also said that out of her two brothers in her band, it's actually Neil who takes longer to get ready than Reid because he is slower. But Kimberly? She is a champ at putting on her game face, so to speak. "I make it happen it in 10 minutes myself; it's like the military shower," she joked.

For the most part, the Band Perry travel via bus, but when having to lug gear from city to city via plane, they "take the path of least resistance," according to Kimberly. "We have big old massive road cases and we put those suckers under the plane."

The Band Perry are set to play K-FROG's upcoming 21st birthday bash, and Kimberly even sang a line of 'Happy Birthday' during the chat.

Kimberly also said that she plans to steal something from California when the Band Perry play the birthday show! "We get y'all's sunshine and put it in our pockets and we bring it back home because it is freezing, so that is what my plan is," Kimberly, whose upbeat, bubbly personality is like a ray of sunshine itself, joked.