Like the kind sibling trio that they are, the Band Perry decided to give fans an early behind-the-scenes look at the making of their forthcoming music video for 'All Your Life.' "The whole idea is we're a traveling road show," Kimberly Perry says to explain the premise of the new video. "All of the extras have just been fantastic. We're having a good time."

In the clip, TBP can be seen shooting in an open field on their manager's farm just outside of Nashville, looking as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as ever. 'All Your Life' will be a new sampling for the Perrys, however, because each sibling will find love in the video. "This is our very first video with the three of us with love interests," Kimberly reveals.

It appears that the three will offer a look at their roots with this one, as they're shown pickin' their banjos out in the open in the two-minute wrap-up. Like they did in 'If I Die Young,' the Band Perry partnered up with accredited director David McClister on this shoot, too, because they say that he tells "the best" stories and reaches deeper and beyond the face value of the lyrics.

It seems that McClister -- who has artists like LeAnn Rimes, Alan Jackson and Dierks Bentley on his reel -- shares their sentiment. "I love their music. I love all three of them. I think they're phenomenal musicians and great songwriters," he says of TBP. "We just have a really great chemistry, we seem to kind of have an unspoken language between each other."

Watch the Band Perry 'All Your Life' Behind-the-Scenes Video