The Perry brothers flirt with fortune tellers while older sister Kimberly teases a poor man's circus' ringleader in the Band Perry's just released video for their current single, 'All Your Life.' The trio stumble upon an early 20th century circus in their travels, and spend the day mingling with the roustabouts and snake charmers. Once again, they've hired the best set designers and costume makers available to make this three-minute plus clip feel like a full-feature period piece.

One thing that's quite amazing is how closely Neil, Reid and Kimberly's current stage outfits resemble what they're wearing as an early 1900s traveling family band. True, Kimberly wears more makeup than a modest woman would in those days, but few would take a second glance if one of her brothers took the stage in knickers and suspenders. Honestly, the crowd would probably go wild if they brought any of the video's other characters onstage with them. Who doesn't enjoy a good snake charmer?

The dashing ringleader courts the female Perry, and things either go wrong or the band's wagon has to leave town before she has a chance to discover where this crush could lead. During the bridge, she pulls out a few bottles of potions and magic powders that seem to bring her back to reality.

The Band Perry simply don't stop at creating music that satisfies all five senses. Their music videos continue to bring a dynamic edge to their sound and style. While 'All Your Life' doesn't really mirror the lyrics of the peppy ballad, you're too busy to ever realize that.

Watch the Band Perry's 'All Your Life' video