The Band Perry held up the high standard of musical performances at the 2012 CMA Awards tonight (Nov. 1) as they put on a rocking performance of their new single, 'Better Dig Two.' In the past we've seen the siblings Perry looking fun and friendly in country music get-ups, but tonight the trio was clad in black and white for their intense performance.

From the first banjo notes of the tune, it's clear that 'Better Dig Two' is a notch more dramatic than some of the group's other hits (think: 'If I Die Young'). And if you think frontwoman Kimberly Perry sounds intense when you hear the song on the radio, that's nothing compared to seeing her sing it in person.

At the CMAs, brothers Reid and Neil Perry rocked the banjo and guitar while wearing white shirts and black cowboy hats. Their older sister came ready to sing in glittery black pants, a ruffled white top and a black jacket.

Kimberly stalked all over the set as a fog machine kept the stage looking creepy -- and green, red and blue laser lights added even more drama to the performance. Thanks to her powerhouse vocals, Kimberly didn't miss a single note of the song, even though the choreography kept her moving.

Fittingly, the trio closed out the song by coming together at the center of the stage. The lights dimmed to black as Kimberly rang out the last few words of the tune.

'Better Dig Two' is definitely a musical roller coaster, making it tough to perform live. But like always, the Perry siblings pulled it off!