For the Band Perry, success is in the small details. The family trio are one of the hardest working acts in country music, and it shows when you see them live. Every moment is considered to maximize impact. Every gesture is meant for those in the front row, as well as those in the back row of the arena.

Recently Kimberly, Reid and Neil had to crumple up their plans and play 800 to 1300-seat venues onboard a cruise ship. Reid Perry tells Taste of Country it was a challenge they embraced. “It’s just breaking it down to a more organic set,” he says, but it’s really not that simple. Without production elements, something as simple as getting on and off stage needs to be reconsidered. The “Done” singers also realize they can leave some of the drama on the bus.

“When you shrink it down to a smaller venue, you really don’t need to be that big,” he says, referring to the three Carnival Live Concert Series shows they played to close July. “The little nuances will be picked up by people.”

Fans appreciated seeing the country group in such a small setting because TBP were able to connect with everyone in the crowd, something that’s more challenging in arenas, stadiums and amphitheaters. The Carnival Live series continues through 2015, with rock acts like Boston and Heart, as well as Lionel Richie scheduled for this summer and fall. The Band Perry played three ships that stopped in Nassau, Bahamas.

Fans there didn’t hear their new song “Live Forever.” In fact, no one has, as the group is keeping a tight lid on the song until Friday’s performance on Good Morning America. Once again, the band has created an album meant to be played live, Reid Perry says.

“Everything we do is all a means to get to the live end. Whenever we do songs we do think of how it’s gonna play live,” he says — and yes, they’ve already begun to fine-tune the little details, like where the new songs will fall in their set and what they’ll say to introduce each.

“Live Forever” was written by the trio, producer RedOne and a “Canadian songwriter” Perry didn’t identify. RedOne brings an interesting resume to the group’s third album. In addition to many pop credits, he’s been an influential producer internationally. It remains to be seen if that flavor will be a part of this project, but the possibility of some pop-influences exist. The group told Taste of Country last June that the record includes a surprise collaboration. reports they’ve recorded a song with Pharrell.

The Band Perry Reveal Inspiration Behind New Album