Following performances by Lady Gaga and Rihanna, the Band Perry pulled the mood of the 2011 Grammy nominations concert into the country realm with their song 'Independence,' track nine from their self-titled debut. With Kimberly flanked by her brothers onstage, the Perrys brought a relaxed, classy performance with a patina of vintage America.

A montage of American flags waving on the giant screen behind them, the sibling trio performed the song that at first seemed like an odd choice since they have yet to single it. It suddenly made more sense, however, when they transitioned into Tom Petty's classic song 'Free Fallin,'" which found the audience screaming their approval.

Looking lovely in a blue sequined dress and brown boots with a matching brown belt, Kimberly led the performance like a pro, smiling all the way. Her voice played at the top while her brothers supported with family-tight background vocals and harmonies.

After their rendition of 'Free Fallin'' in the middle of 'Independence,' the Perrys finished with the last line of their song: "it's pulling independence out of me." Perhaps the song has a chance at being a single. It seems we'll just have to wait.

Soon after their performance, the Band Perry were named one of five nominees for 2012's Best New Artist Grammy award.

Watch the Band Perry Perform 'Independence' at the Grammy Nominations Concert