The Band Perry are the latest in a long line of artists that want to collaborate with the cultural lightning rod that is Lady Gaga. The siblings would love to welcome Gaga into their lair and sing a song with her. Knowing Gaga's open-minded attitude and the way that she embraces the creative process, we bet she'd be up for the opportunity, as well.

"I'm gaga for Gaga,” Kimberly Perry told GAC. "Rumor has it that she wants to come to Nashville and write country songs. That's the next endeavor that she is curious to, I guess, partake in and be a part of. So we'll see. We would love to be her guinea pig when it comes to that."

Gaga, who recently filmed a video for her next single 'You & I' in Nebraska of all places, is certainly not above recording, singing or performing in unusual locales, so it would not surprise us if she hit the Nashville circuit eventually. She even released a countrified version of her dance hit 'Born This Way,' dubbed the 'Country Road' version, earlier this year! See, a major pop star like Gaga has a little country surging through her creative DNA.

Kimberly's brother Reid Perry is also wide open to a Perry/Gaga collision on a record. "A TBP/Lady Gaga collaboration sounds good to us," he said.

Though, Kimberly Perry did hedge a little for the briefest of seconds, and admitted that such a pop/country collab might be a total flop. "It would either be a complete fail or complete success, we'll see," she said.

We think that if approached and executed properly, this partnership could yield quiet a smash, but Gaga would need to go a little more country and TBP going a little more pop. That would make it work.

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