The Band Perry's "Live Forever" is a young anthem that electrifies on its own. They sibling trio chose the color yellow to represent the single, and that color serves as a main color in the super fun video that invites people to seize the day.

The colorful visual begins with the group's silhouettes lit up in yellow, with their name plastered across the screen. They waltz to a circular room to deliver a performance, which starts off as energetic as it finishes in the last scene. The three perform on a circular stage, playing to an empty room, but they don't let that stop them from rockin'.

A young boy and a group of teen girls take the screen in different scenarios. The boy is trying out new bicycle tricks, while the girls are enjoying their friendship in the best way possible — by the pool. The color yellow surfaces again here, as the girls become "blood sisters" after each cutting their hands and holding hands while yellow blood runs from their palms. The young boy falls from his bicycle and yellow blood runs from his various cuts, too.

Elsewhere in the "Live Forever" music video, a young couple kisses in front of the Music City skyline before heading home to get matching love tattoos — in yellow, of course. A businessman heads to an underground fight club, ripping off his formal attire before taking a punch ... with yellow blood running from his body. As he's laying on the ground, the Band Perry's performance room fills with fans happy to see the group play. The businessman doesn't let the punch keep him down, he seizes the moment, getting back to his feet as quickly as he was knocked off of them. Carpe diem and live forever!

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