The Band Perry kicked off their first CMT Awards performance by borrowing a bar of music from the pop world: they began by singing the hooky chorus of the Eminem/Rihanna smash 'Love the Way You Lie' a capella. It was an interesting touch, but one that was more than appropriate, as this trio of talented siblings then launched into their own song 'You Lie.'

Kimberly Perry – who always performs like she just drank a can of Red Bull and gobbled a couple of Pixi Stix before hitting the stage -- was a multi-tasking maestro (or is it maestress?) tonight. She played guitar. She walked through the crowd and sang. She played piano for a moment. She sashayed her way back through the crowd to where her brothers held court on the main stage and sang and danced again. Miss Perry operates off a youthful and boundless reserve of effervescent energy, magnetically attracting listeners. We don't know where she gets it, but we want some of that.

The band's rendition of 'You Lie' ended with a burst of red confetti tumbling to the stage and country music's newest darlings left the stage with ear-to-ear grins.