Father-daughter-son writing team and new rising country music trio the Henningsens are enjoying the sweet taste of success this week as they sit in the Top 10 country singles chart as the writers behind the Band Perry's hit, 'You Lie.' The Hennsingsens wrote 'You Lie' in the summer of 2008, and soon after it landed in the hands of the sibling trio, who made it a smash hit.

"We wrote 'You Lie' at my brother Aaron's home South of Nashville," Clara Henningsen tells Taste of Country. "It's funny because I had started a song about a dude who did nothing but lie to his woman, and she was getting tired of it. My dad really liked the idea, and we started to add to what I had already written. My dad blurted out, 'I never liked the taste of crow, but baby I ate it.' Both Aaron and I were like 'Huh?' But don't worry, we now know what that means!"

"It ain't complicated / Well I've grown to hate it / I never liked the taste of crow / But baby I ate it / They tried to warn me / They said that you were ornery / So don't bring me those big brown eyes / And tell me that you're sorry / Well you might as well throw gasoline on a fire," the Band Perry sing in the song's opening lyrics.

"We wrote the chorus and played it for [producer] Paul Worley, and he loved it," Clara notes.

"The way you lie / You lie like a priceless Persian rug on a rich man's floor / And you lie like a coon dog basking in the sunshine on my porch / Well you lie like a penny in a parking lot at the grocery store / It just comes way too natural to you / The way you lie," the band sings in the chorus.

"Soon we sat down and finished it, and played it live for the Band Perry," Clara says with a smile. "And the rest is history! It was one of the first songs they chose for their album. We play it in our own live shows, and it's always a hit! 'You Lie' is one of my all time favorite songs we have written."

Watch the Band Perry 'You Lie' Video