'Always a Reason' is the second single from the Dirt Drifters' new album, 'This Is My Blood,' set for release on Warner Music Nashville today, July 19. 'Always a Reason' was penned by band members Jeff Middleton (guitar/vocals) and Ryan Fleener (guitar/vocals), along with songwriter Justin Wilson, and is one of the 11 tracks on 'This Is My Blood.'

"I was writing with a friend of ours named Justin Wilson one day, and I had a groove and he had a hook: 'Always a reason to drink around here,'" Middleton tells Taste of Country. "To me, that sounded like a cool story about life. Country music has a lot of drinking songs, but it's also a song about growing up in any one of the towns we grew up in. There are reasons to be happy and reasons to be sad. That's just life."

"Word on the vine is Johnny got a job / Three days a week at the auto parts shop / Come five o'clock when he gets paid / Guess we got another reason to celebrate / Joe and Mary, they were meant to be / Supposed to get married and live happily / But she slept with his buddy and broke his heart / Now they're all headed out to separate bars," they wrote in the lyrics of the song's opening verse.

"The first verse came out pretty quick and Ryan's previous writing appointment had canceled, so I invited him over to write with us, and he spit the second verse out pretty quick," says Middleton. "It was a pretty fast write as far as songs go. Except for the last line of the chorus which I think we actually wrote during the demo session. We had about nine different versions of it, so that's how the song came about."

"I think lyrically it is a song about life, and that's what I like about a lot of songs," continues Middleton. "I think it really fits on our record. If you listen to our record, there's a song called 'It Takes a Man' that has a certain first pass thing to it. When you listen deeper, you hear more about the guy who sang that song. I think 'Always a Reason' is like that, too. It's fun as it goes by, but as you get to the third or fourth listen, there's some depth to it."

Listen to the Dirt Drifters' 'Always a Reason'