The Dirt Drifters’ latest single, ‘Something Better,’ has quickly become a hit with their loyal fans, as the tune is the perfect distillation of the band’s sound and style. Co-written by band members Nick Diamond, Matt Fleener, Ryan Fleener and Jeff Middleton, the tune is a throwback to a vintage rockabilly country vibe.

"Jeff and I started the instrumentation at a soundcheck one afternoon before a show," Nick Diamond tells Taste of Country. “I was playing the groove, and Jeff started playing the signature lick that's in the song. We liked it, so Jeff took out his phone and recorded what we had. We got back to Nashville the next week and wrote the song.”

"[The song] was a team effort from all sides,” adds Ryan Fleener. “[When] Jeff and Nick started playing that groove in the intro of ‘Something Better,' I thought, 'That’s killer. We need to record that.' We finished it up a few months later at Jeff’s house. I think we all knew we had something really cool the second we wrote it."

"The song started backwards, a bit," Matt Fleener explains. "Lyrics were second [to] fiddle when we started. We just really liked the groove. It initially came out really fast. We rewrote it a few times, but it always felt good to play or sing right from the start ... at least to us fellas sitting in the room!"

The song is something the working man and woman in today’s society can relate to, as they are always looking toward the future hoping there’s "something better" waiting for them.

"There’s gotta be something better than 9-5 / Every day barely gettin’ by / Workin', slavin', always achin' / Way too young for my back to be breakin' / Waitin' on that rainbow / Tell me where’s that pot of gold?” the band sings in the chorus.

"The lyrics of the song are really about making it through your daily grind," says Jeff Middleton. "No matter what your job is -- working in a lumberyard, a cubicle, or on the road -- everyone wants to find something just a little better for their kids or their family."

"[This song] represents my life in Nashville chasing the music dream," notes Ryan Fleener. "I've had so many random jobs since moving to town, from building sunrooms to waiting tables. I always had the drive of looking for something better! I hope the listeners can relate because I feel we're all looking for something better, be it a new car, new boots or a new job or whatever."

"Lyrically this is a fun song to play live, and for me it really speaks to what my life -- and the rest of the guys' lives -- have been like over the last 10 years,” Diamond says. “We have all been in Nashville, juggling different jobs, trying to follow our dream to do music full time. All of us have had 'the' job that's described in the lyrics of 'Something Better.' I think most people can relate to the lyrics because no matter where you are in life we all want something better" Job, sports, relationships, you name it!"

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