Wedding photographs and strewn flowers are the only companions the Harters can find in a big empty house during the video for their current single 'If I Run.' You can check out the video and behind-the-scenes photographs from the shoot below.

The video for 'If I Run' uses stop-motion photography on several occasions to display the passage of long periods of time. But it's up to the viewer to decide if lead singer and video star Leslie Harter has been left behind in the expansive mansion, or if she is the one doing the running discussed in the song.

It could be that she's on the verge of a major commitment of the heart and is expressing her fear of both possibilities. She spends nearly equal time looking sad around the house and running through the tree-filled backyard as the the song's "if I run, will you run after me" chorus plays.

The one thing the video clearly demonstrates is that Leslie, who is joined in the band by her brothers Michael and Scott, has a big future as a shampoo model if she chooses that path. Her long, luxurious locks fly all over the place during the outdoor sequences, and yet, never one tangle or split end can be seen.

'If I Run' comes from the Harters' still-untitled debut album, which is expected in stores during the first half of 2011.

Watch the Harters 'If I Run' Video

Photos From the 'If I Run' Video Set