The Harters are back with 'If I Run,' their second single of 2010 and the first taste of their forthcoming debut album. The trio, comprised of siblings Michael, Scott and Leslie Harter, had a hit earlier in the year with 'Jenny' from their 2009 self-titled EP. 

'If I Run' is a slow-paced ballad with delicately picked acoustic guitars and enough strings that you could almost call it lush or symphonic. Leslie takes the vocal lead with able support from her brothers, asking her romantic partner if she can count on them even in the face of her own mistakes:

"If I run / Will you run after me / If I walk will you wait patiently / If I fall will you have sympathy / If I run / If I run will you run after me?"

According an interview with The Boot, the new single is among the band's favorite from the as-yet untitled album, expected to be released in the first half of 2011: "I will say that I have not gotten sick of 'If I Run' yet," says Leslie. "And I wrote the thing! Usually it doesn't work that way at all!"

Listen to the Harters, 'If I Run'