The Harters, who are in fact siblings, and not incestual polygamists from Utah as they joked in a chat with WYCD, opened up about their new single 'If I Run' recently. Turns out the song is about "everlasting love" and was inspired by both sets of their grandparents, each of whom was married for over 50 years!

While the grandparents were certainly inspiring, they set an example that was not followed by later generations of the Harter clan. "Our parents are divorced," Leslie Harter, who is herself twice divorced, candidly revealed. "I got pregnant when I was 17, so I got married."

Luckily, she's not beating herself up too bad about mistakes her younger self may have made. "I thought that was what you had to do, since all my sisters and my mom got married at 18. It was an abusive situation after three years. Then I got right back into another abusive situation!"

There is a light at the end of this tunnel, however. 'If I Run' ended up being somewhat therapeutic, since Leslie wrote her parts of the song with what she wanted out of a man in mind. Given her crazy romantic past, let's hope Harter gets the man she is looking for some time soon!