They're cute, sassy, and unmarried. It stands to reason that Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett of the JaneDear Girls would have a line of male suitors waiting for them at each show. While the occasional country lovin' stud muffin does try to slip one or the other his phone number, the duo say that most men keep away.

"We actually don't get that many. I think we scare most men off," Leverett tells Taste of Country. "We're a little bit intimidating, not purposefully. But especially the little boys -- some of them are scared of us in the meet and greet line. It's really funny [laughs]."

It doesn't sound like either is inviting their male fans to be more aggressive, however. The few fellas who've tried to be coy about an invite haven't gotten very far. "I think we just use, 'Thank you so much.' And that's really it," Leverett says about how they let guys down. "We don't say, 'No. We're not going to respond,' but we just kind of let it go graceful and be appreciative."

The country duo draws a healthy amount of young fans to their shows, which means a healthy amount of parents as well. One of the more memorable backstage moments occurred with a father while they were opening up for Blake Shelton this summer.

"He was just saying, 'Thank you girls so much for putting out music that we as parents can enjoy and our kids can listen to because, you know, then we don't have to change the channel," Brown remembers. "'It's very family friendly.' And that was a really big compliment."

According to the group's website, they have the rest of the year off to focus on family, and maybe new music. Brown says she's looking forward to cooking Christmas cookies for friends and family this holiday season.