The Last Bandoleros are releasing their new single on Tuesday (Feb. 24), but they are letting Taste of Country readers hear it a day early.

The group consists of San Antonio natives Jerry Fuentes and brothers Emilio and Diego Navaira, as well as Derek James from New York City. Together, the four men have honed a new sound.

The Navaira brothers come to that by way of genetics; their father is Tejano music legend Emilio Navaira, who has been deemed "the Garth Brooks of Tejano." They previously played with Ready Revolution. The rock and Tex-Mex amalgam of the Last Bandoleros reflect the roots of their famous lineage, though they don't consider his Tejano stylings a prime influence. They tell My San Antonio that, surprisingly, their dad is a massive closet Van Halen fan.

"He wanted his own little Van Halen," Emilio jokes. "That's where our love of [classic rock] all comes from. Give my dad a guitar, and nine times out of 10, he'll play Peter Frampton or the Eagles."

Mix that with the Americana of Fuentes and James — both veteran singer-songwriters — and what you get is a fresh approach that blends Tex Mex with straight-up American rock 'n' roll, with a country twist.

That's evident in "Where Do You Go," which features a unique and instantly catchy blend of acoustic and electric guitars, accordion and harmony vocals, with a melody that draws on power pop.

Keep up with the Last Bandoleros via their website, or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Listen to the Last Bandoleros, "Where Do You Go"