The fun that the Little Willies are having is almost palpable on 'For the Good Times,' a collection of cover songs by five well-respected musicians and friends, including jazz great Norah Jones. Country fans not familiar with Jones will realize she's a more-than-capable substitute for Dolly Parton, with a wispy style that resonates like a great first kiss.

The talent level is such that even the low points on the project (including the fun but silly 'Tommy Rockwood' and trucker anthem 'Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves') are worth wading through. Jones and Richard Julian's voices melt into one during a brilliant recreation of Hank Williams' 'Lovesick Blues,' and they stand alone on songs like Willie Nelson's 'Permanately Lonley' (Julian) and 'Remember Me' (Jones).

This project took almost three years to complete, as each of the five artists was busy with his or her individual careers. They periodically meet up in Nashville for gigs, but over their nearly 10 years as a band, recordings have been relatively rare. The laissez-faire approach leaves plenty of room for each note to breath a full breath, and nothing is over-produced or forced. When Jones finishes the album with 'Jolene,' she does the country legend justice while still installing her own unique emotions and experiences into the story.

Songs by Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and Kris Kristofferson are also included on 'For the Good Times.' Fans get a bonus track by buying it at iTunes or through Amazon.

Preview the Little Willies' 'For the Good Times'