HGTV's Drew and Jonathan Scott of The Property Brothers have more country in them than viewers might expect. In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, the brothers open up about life growing up on a ranch and the role music played in their early lives.

"Music has just always been part of our lives, something we're passionate about — we grew up on a ranch where most weekend nights ended in us all around the campfire, with our dad playing guitar," they write in an email to THR. "There have been times in our lives where people have told us something just can't be done, and we've become addicted to proving these naysayers wrong."

The brothers traveled to Nashville to co-write "Let the Night Shine In" and "Hold On" with songwriters Victoria Shaw and Chad Carlson. The two songs will be featured in a television special on Nov. 25 called Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch, where they travel to Alberta, Canada to renovate their family friends' estate.

Like any siblings, the two brothers are quick to poke fun at each other.

"It's funny though, how Drew keeps forgetting the lyrics," Jonathan notes. "Flashbacks to us caroling Christmas songs to neighbors when we were kids ... he could never get it right!"

Listen to snippets of the brothers' two new songs, "Let the Night Shine In" and "Hold On," at The Hollywood Reporter.

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