Tonight (Sept. 17) marked the second week of blind auditions for Season 3 of 'The Voice,' with Blake Shelton doing his level best to charm the pants off contestants so they would choose to be on his team. His pitches were wildly entertaining and incredibly creative. But he didn't stop there. He even brought his 2012 ACM Awards trophy as a prop to try and win singers over. Nice touch, Blake.

It's worth noting that Shelton could consider a career as a publicist if he ever decided to leave country music behind, which we know he won't do. Even so, his tactics and strategies were both hilarious and heartfelt, and he rarely resorted to the "Pick Me! Pick Me!" begging behavior in which other judges often engage. He battled his bro Adam Levine for the "affections" of two hopefuls, both of which chose Levine, metaphorically breaking Blake's heart.

Shelton turned his chair around for Melanie Martinez, a gap-toothed talent with two-toned hair who performed a unique, acoustic rendition of Britney Spears' 'Toxic,' playing guitar with her hands and tambourine with her feet. Blake's pitch for her was good. He refused to compare her to others the way Levine did, instead claiming "I was hearing Melanie. You don't look like anyone I've ever seen, playing tambourine with your damn feet while you play guitar and singing." But she chose Levine. "That hurts and it pisses me off," the dejected Shelton said with a laugh.

Contestant Brian Scartocci turned in a soulful version of Stevie Wonder's 'Isn't She Lovely,' to which Shelton said, "You and I are from two different worlds. I am a country singer. Instead of me trying to convince you, I want to talk about the things we have in common. You have on jeans and a vest. I often wears jean and vest. You have a stinging scorpion on your belt buckle. I have those in my house. You have soul. I have a soul. We have a serious chemistry."

Scartocci ultimately chose Adam, so Blake got ousted TWICE his bromance partner.

When Liz Davis performed Gretchen Wilson's 'Here for the Party,' Shelton didn't just play the country card when wooing her, as Levine and Christina Aguilera were vying against him to be her coach. He pulled out the big gun, showing off his 2012 ACM Award for Male Vocalist of the Year, which was tucked in his chair, behind his back. He told Davis, "Before you hear the barrage of crap from these two, just realize I do have some connections in country music." She wisely chose him.

Shelton continues to fill out his team with quality talent and uses funny methods to woo singers. It's strange that some competitors don't choose him as their coach, since he is the reigning champion.