Tonight's (Sept. 18) round of blind auditions on 'The Voice' was tough for Blake Shelton. He didn't add a single contestant to his team. He has only filled seven slots so far, with 11 more to go. But it wasn't for lack of effort. He tried to woo contestants and even resorted to "lies" in order to persuade them to join him, but to no avail.

At the end of the episode, he mused, "I am feeling a little bit losery when it comes to button pushing and team members." He also hinted that he would need to get a little more ruthless in his pursuit and assembly of the best possible team. Lookout!

He tried to nab Collin McLoughlin, a grad school dropout with a smooth, mellow tone. He eventually chose Adam Levine, which always stings since Shelton and Levine are engaged in a bromance.

Shelton also wanted pop singer Joselyn Rivera, 17, and that's when he hit below the belt, insulting Christina Aguilera. He said, "I was dissecting what I was listening to, like a coach should," extolling his virtues as a mentor. He continued, "Christina has been known to be abusive. There have been people that have quit singing just after they met her." Ouch. That was a low blow. But it didn't stop Rivera from picking Xtina.

After Joselyn left the stage, Aguilera half-jokingly said that Shelton was "crossing the line" with his comments, and he admitted desperation, saying, "They are lies, by the way, I admit it."

When Aguilera said contestant Benji, a raspy rocker with a soaring set of pipes, had a bit of "an Adam tone," Blake, who didn't turn his chair around for Benji, still interjected, "I didn't think he sounded like a jacka--."

He was on a roll tonight.

Shelton also tried to woo soulful singer Mycle Wastman, a onetime mechanical engineering student who offered up a butter smooth version of 'Let's Stay Together.' Shelton didn't try too hard to win him over, likely sensing that he would go with Levine or Cee Lo Green, both of whom wanted him. And that's just what he did.

So Shelton walked away from this night of auditions empty-handed instead of stocking his team. Something tells us he will bulk up Team Blake next week. The show will resume on Monday night (Sept. 24.)